A Break in Tradition

With the uprising of social media in the marketing world, it has become necessary for companies to adapt. It is no longer a question of “should I do social media?” but a matter of “how should I do social media?” There are plenty of examples of organizations that have learned to do social media right, and an equal amount (if not more) on how to do it poorly.

This is a great example on how to use social media poorly.

The onset of social media has led to the use of “inbound” marketing, rather than traditional “outbound” as explained by Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot. Outbound marketing consists of sending your message out in one-way communication (taking out television ads or advertising on a billboard). This method of marketing is generally much more expensive. Inbound marketing allows you to generate traffic to your sites by attracting visitors that are already interested in the industry. Social media has become a necessary tool for directing potential leads to your site/blog. Trying to reach as many people as you can with messages that are potentially irrelevant can be costly and largely a waste of time. In order to effectively use the tools at your disposal, you need to learn how to cater your messages to the type of buyers that are most valuable to you. Using sites like Twitter, you can easily find your niche markets and tailor your messages to appeal to them. You can see, in real time, the problems that directly influence your target audience. These are the problems that an effective social media guru will cater to in order to optimize their online presence.

Learning to effectively use social media to your organization’s advantage is a necessary component. Engaging in two-way communication builds relationships with your audience and generates useful feedback to give better experiences. Studies show that the consumer no longer trusts being targeted with one-way advertisements. Rather, they gain trust in your product by engaging with you. The new way to advertise is to humanize your business. More and more businesses are being viewed as large untrustworthy machines that are only out to take consumers’ money. Arguably, the most effective way to combat this is online. The internet is a great tool for connecting to people all over the world. People are comfortable enough to provide helpful information about your business.

I see social media, now, as the catalyst that will change marketing in all mediums to a more interactive experience. As more consumer trust moves towards a two-way outlet (i.e. social media), I predict ROI in other forms decreasing. The numbers already show the massive presence of online advertising. It is not an option to engage in social media anymore. In order for a company to effectively convert visitors to leads and leads to customers, organizations must learn how to properly connect with their audience. I hope, through this blog, to share with you valuable information about the industry. I also hope to engage with you and learn about this ever-changing field.


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