The Power of Viral

The vast number of social media platforms has made it extremely easy for online content to become viral. Obviously, information can be shared faster and easier than ever before. The online community has quickly adopted this ability to exchange funny, inspirational, or even useful, content. Taking advantage of social media sharing can be a huge help in promoting content of your own. Through likes, shares, and retweets almost any piece of internet content has the potential to become the next online sensation.

It has become normal to see a video reach a million views in a matter of days. Video sharing can reach very large audiences very quickly, and most of the time it is free. Think  of the last viral video you saw. Where did you hear about it? Chances are you didn’t stumble on it accidentally. That video is being shared by people on their Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, etc. Most sites make sharing their content as easy as possible. YouTube lets you share videos to your connections with the click of a link. Let’s say you share that video to your Twitter followers. The potential audience of that video just grew to your amount of followers. Now what if they retweet that link? In a matter of minutes, that video can be seen by thousands of unique people.

Remember that video?

That video became viral a few years ago. It was shared widely across several social media platforms and even news programs. In a matter of days, the view count exploded. Here’s the best part. The video was staged. As a part of his Comedy Central show, “Nathan For You”, Nathan Fielder crafted this fake viral video to promote a local petting zoo. Web content hardly needs any credibility to become viral. If you create content that people want to see, the potential reach is phenomenal.

Viral buzz can do its part to launch your brand into internet stardom. However, it can also make you a villain. Knowing what content to create and share to appeal to your audience is key to optimizing the power of viral. Since most business “memes” are created by outside sources, it is almost impossible to avoid satirical content about your brand if you are well known. Many brands know how to create their own viral content that helps to build great relationships with their targets and peers in the industry.

This infographic does a great job in showing what components of viral content are necessary to get to the point of vast internet popularity. What you want to do, as a brand, is to get your content out to your audience efficiently. Content of this sort should be free of promotions. You aren’t trying to sell a product, you are selling your brand. You want your content to be seen and you want it to shine bright. If you don’t underestimate the power of viral and can successfully utilize it, you’ll soon find a whole fleet of advocators who will gladly share your content and stand for your brand.


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