Other Thoughts on Social Media for Businesses

SEO, or search engine optimization, has always been a staple for organizations to increase their rankings with popular engines such as Google. In the past, businesses have paid countless dollars to have their links appear on the first page of a results page. Today, we see organizations increasing their organic reach for significantly less by utilizing different social media sites. Consistent and effective social media engagement allows for better SEO with every post. Google+ is fantastic for this feature. This severely underrated site is often overlooked as a failed social media venture. This could not be further from the truth. Google+ is becoming increasingly important for organizations to utilize mostly because of the built-in SEO that comes with it. Companies that pay large amounts of cash to get their results on the front page of Google are often competing with sites that either paid much less or none at all. This article does a great job detailing some of the many benefits offered by creating a Google+ account.


Linkedin’s new social media platform also allows organizations a way to share articles, blogs, job postings and more in a professional setting that can easily target an audience that is directly interested in the field. More organizations will turn to these sites in order to create an inbound marketing method that builds a powerful, influential web presence and grows SEO.

Every new online innovation we see brings along promotional opportunities for businesses. Whether these ventures succeed or fail not only depend on the promotional model, but on the online platform itself. Experimenting with these platforms can be risky as not all social media platforms tend to be huge successes. This is especially true for “other” forms of social media such as online gaming and virtual worlds. Online games have been trying to find their ground since the dawn of the internet. Today, online games and virtual worlds are a multi-billion dollar industry. Naturally, businesses are going to want to get themselves familiar with the industry in order to utilize it. Whether it’s to better target their demographic or to not fall behind modern advances,we will see a steady stream of business stick their noses in new profitable ventures.


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